Sunday, 11 November 2012

Xbox 720 and PS4 to be first truly 3D capable consoles?

Microsoft’s expected Xbox 720 and the suspected PS4 will be the first truly 3D centric games consoles, Codemasters’ Paul Jeal has suggested as the F1 2011 game is released in the UK
The long awaited Xbox 720 release date and Sony PS4 launch could see the first generation of truly 3D enabled consoles land, industry expert and BAFTA award winning game developer Paul Jeal has revealed.

Speaking exclusively with T3 ahead today’s F1 2011 release date, Jeal, Senior Producer on the high-speed Codemasters franchise, suggested 3D capabilities were not likely to be heading to next year’s Formula 1 release as the developing house holds out for the next-generation of home consoles before jumping into bed with the extra-dimensional technology.

“We’re working through the steps at the moment for F1 2012 and trying to work out where it lies,” Jeal said. “I’d be surprised if 3D went in; it’s at quite an early stage. When the next-generation of consoles come out, perhaps 3D will be ranked up top, until then we’ve still got a lot of game related feature ideas we want to get in for next year.”

Whilst Jeal is unconvinced by the inclusion of 3D technologies in F1 2012 he was keen to outline areas he thought the Formula 1 based series could benefit from it in the future.

“I think if we use it in the right places with bits of damage or debris flying out of the screen it could work. Perhaps it’ll help you gage the braking distances better with the car in front.”

Are you looking forward to snapping up F1 2011 ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix or waiting for one of the year’s other upcoming premium titles? Let us know via the comments box below.

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