LG 84LM960V 4K TV review


  • Massive, pixel dense image
  • Luxurious build quality
  • Full HD Passive 3D


  • Eye-watering price tag
  • Full HD to 4K processing delay
  • Stock LG user interface
Offering four times the clarity of Full HD, 4K Ultra High Definition is being touted as the next big thing in television technology.
While there’s no way to currently watch 4K (that’ll come when a new compression codec is standardised), it hasn’t prevented LG from laying claim to tomorrow’s HD high ground with an 84-inch monster unapologetically aimed at the super-rich - the LG 84LM960V Its only 4K competition is the £25,000 Sony KD-84X9005.

LG 84LM960V: Features

While Ultra HD resolution is the 84LM960V’s biggest attraction, there’s plenty more to admire about this set. Indeed, it matches the brand’s top tier Full HD models for treats, combining a Smart TV portal and network streaming with 3D compatibility.
Online services include BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube. The TV is DLNA compliant, offering excellent multimedia file support from local USB and across a network.

LG 84LM960V: Design

As befits a screen with a wallet-numbing price tag, the 84LM960V is extremely well finished. A towering blend of metal and glass, it’s a back-breaking lift, but the brushed aluminium bezel is relatively thin at 25mm. Unlike Sony’s rival Ultra HD model, the sound system here is fully integrated, which from an aesthetic point of view is rather more successful.

LG 84LM960V: Specs

Connectivity is generous, with four HDMIs, three USBs component (via adaptor), PC and Ethernet. The screen also has integrated Wi-Fi. Two remotes are provided, a standard LG blaster and the Magic Remote wand for casual gaming and web surfing.

LG 84LM960V: Performance


The 84LM960V uses its quad HD pixel resolution to dramatic effect. Even regular Full HD sources mapped to 3840 x 2160 have a filmic smoothness that’s simply spellbinding. Movies and TV shows are dynamic and vibrant. While there are some backlight uniformity issues evident, they don’t impact significantly on the viewing experience.

With native 4K content the screen delivers unparalleled clarity with exquisite final detailing. Test footage supplied on a UHD media server proves potent enough to dislocate jaws.
The TV’s 3D performance is similarly groundbreaking. While it employs Passive FPR tech, the extra resolution afforded by the 4K panel means Full HD 3D is delivered without resolution loss or pronounced crosstalk effects.

The 84LM960V’s audio system also warrants applause. A pair of 15w rear-mounted woofers offer plenty of mid- bass, while the main stereo pair shout wide and loud.

LG 84LM960V: Verdict

Stupidly expensive it may well be, but you can probably tell we’ve fallen just a little bit in love with the LG 84LM960V. The world’s first widely available 4K TV may be starved of Ultra HD content but it does a fine job remapping Full HD to 3840 x 2160, and positively shines with Blu-ray 3D. It’s not without the odd foible, of course.
The 4K upscaling process appears to add a micro-second delay which is immediately noticeable when navigating menus, and this delay becomes positively exasperating when gaming. The mirrored pedestal is also profoundly distracting. Overall though, LG 84LM960V is a mouth-watering glimpse at the future of TV. It’s left us salivating for more.

LG 84LM960V release date: Out now
LG 84LM960V price: £22,500