Thursday, 16 January 2014

Samsung launching a Windows Phone 8 handset soon?

samsung may be about to launch its first Windows Phone handset in some time

A user agent profile with the model number SM-W750V has been posted on Samsung’s mobile website. It was discovered by Engadget.
The profile names Samsung’s Windows Mobile Lab as the team behind the new smartphone.
It also states that Internet Explorer is the default browser for the device. That is stronger evidence that the phone will run on Windows Phone.
The document also reveals a few other details about the phone, including that it will come with a 1,081 by 1,920 pixel display and support for 4G.
A phone with the same model number has also recently been approved by the body that oversees Bluetooth. According to the documentation, it will be sold in North America.
It had previously been rumoured that Samsung was looking to re-enter the Windows Phone market. In November last year, blog site SammyToday reported claims that Samsung was working on a Windows Phone handset with a 5-inch screen.
If Samsung does launch a Windows Phone handset in the next couple of months, it will be the first since its Ativ range. However, that range has been somewhat neglected while the company focused on its dominance of the Android market.

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