Saturday, 27 October 2012

Best Apple iPhone 5 apps to download first

If New Star Soccer lacks the console-like game engine and slick player animations you truly crave from a mobile football game, the latest FIFA instalment should be more to your liking. Adding EA SPORTS Football Club and the ability to share goals and outlandish Cruyff turns via YouTube, the new FIFA will now let you save games in Manager and tournament mode in the iCloud and continue campaigns on another iOS device.
Price: £4.99 |


With other phones boasting larger screens Apple has bowed to pressure and given its new model a 4-inch screen. With a ratio closer to 16:9 and a display with less glare it should make the iPhone 5 more video-friendly which is perfect for an app like Netflix. Expect crisper visuals and scrolling through content to more seamless thanks to the enhanced A6 processor.
Price: Free
11:33 27 Sep 2012 by Michael Sawh


The iPhone 5 hosts the same 8-Megapixel camera sensor and f/2.4 aperture as the 4S, but with dynamic low light functionality and a new sapphire crystal lens to take sharper snaps, iPhoto should help fine-tune pics before sending them out into the social networking wild or via Share Photo Stream so friends and families can give them a thumbs up or down.
Price: £2.99
11:33 27 Sep 2012 by Michael Sawh

Camera Awesome

Another app which looks to benefit from the iPhone revamp is this picture capturing beauty. It already gives you speedier shot taking and sharp, high-quality images. Now you can take advantage of the ability to take panoramic snaps at up to 28-Megapixels quality. Designed with craft in mid, photographers can enjoy depth-detection sensors to aid them in their quest for a masterpiece.
Price: Free
11:33 27 Sep 2012 by Michael Sawh


You’ll all be pleased to know Siri is here to stay and s/he is apparently better than ever. Using Vlingo should become an absolute walk in the park. Controlled by your voice you can command your phone to send texts, set reminders and even find out the weather in a country you have never and will never go to.
Price: Free

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