Saturday, 6 October 2012

Samsung Denies Galaxy S4 Rumors

Equipped With Larger Screen, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 To Hit Shelves In Early Spring
Sept. 17, 2012: Though it only began shipping stateside this summer, the Korea Times has reported that Samsung’s next Galaxy S phone will “hit shelves globally in March at the latest.”
Samsung could unveil the next Galaxy phone in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a global conference for all things mobile and a popular spot for smartphone and tablet manufacturers to show off their latest iPad and iPhone killers.
According to an unnamed source, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will stick close to its current form, retaining its “popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept.”
Samsung, as you might recall, has been duking it out all over the world with Apple over patent and trade dress infringement. During their San Jose row, a court ordered Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages. As they head towards the injunction phase of this battle, which is set to start on Thursday, Apple wants to ban the sale of 8 Samsung devices which they say look too similar to the iPhone.
Though the Galaxy S III isn’t listed in the group of 8 phones, Apple is still taking to task the popular Android phone over infringement of utility patents, including the slide to unlock and autocorrect features.
Though the next Galaxy S is expected to keep its basic shape, the Korea Times suggests this next phone could deliver a 5-inch screen, keeping in step with a new Samsung trend of gradually increasing the size of their screens. In the most peculiar bit of news from this report, the unnamed Samsung insider said that the company had “yet to decide whether it will use flexible display technology for the upcoming Galaxy due to production problems encountered by Samsung Display.”
The new Galaxy phone will continue to use Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos 4 processor (found in the current S III) and will “definitely use” LTE networks.
In addition to being accused of “ripping off” Apple designs and technology, Samsung has also been accused of matching Apple’s product and release strategy, releasing one product on a yearly cycle.
“Samsung wants to keep its one-year product schedule and the Galaxy S4 will be the first to match that strategy,” said an unnamed official from one of Samsung’s local partners.
Not only are these rumors “well-timed”, but the phone itself could be seen as a “clear message” to Apple who, despite the ecstatic popularity of its iPhone series, is currently at number 2 behind Samsung in terms of global sales.
“Samsung’s edges in manufacturing will further shine after the patent disputes go further on. In markets, Samsung is confident to widen its lead over Apple, though the legal fight is a totally separate issue,” said an unnamed industry expert speaking to the Korea Times.
The Galaxy S III has been a best-seller for Samsung, moving over 20 million units since it’s June release. The Korean company expects to sell as many as 30 million by the end of the year.
These rumors suspiciously arrived 4 days after Apple announced their latest—the iPhone 5— and just one day after Samsung launched their latest Apple attack-ads, claiming it “doesn’t take a genius” to pick the Galaxy phone over the iPhone 5.

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